Investment Criteria


We seek to partner with businesses that have a clear and defensible competitive advantage, a highly scalable business model, and opportunities to consolidate within their industries.

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We are generalist investors with a focus on industries that can benefit from Atlantic Street’s operational expertise and investing history. Our industry focus includes:

  • Consumer Products, Services & Franchises

  • Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

  • Business Services

  • Healthcare Services

  • Basic Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense


We seek new platform investments with $4 million up to $12 million in EBITDA. Atlantic Street will invest $15 million to $40 million of equity in each business. For add-on acquisitions, we have no size requirement.

Transaction Types & Structure

  • Atlantic Street targets majority equity investments through buyouts and recapitalizations.

  • We require board control and more than 50% equity ownership in each of our investments.

  • Oftentimes our transactions help facilitate ownership or management transition. We prefer, but do not require, management teams to remain in place.

  • We work with both healthy businesses as well as those with financial, operational or transactional challenges.