Tim Sutton

Operating Advisor


Tim is a veteran engineer, strategist and entrepreneur that has helped global brands and businesses grow. He's launched products, started companies, built software applications, and led major corporate initiatives.

Tim started his career in engineering for GM, Whirlpool and Starbucks Coffee. After earning his MBA, he joined AT&T Wireless and led innovation that helped deliver 50% improvement store efficiency. Tim founded an enterprise software company, and completed a deal to sell the platform to AT&T. He then joined Blockbuster as VP of Retail Innovation to improve store operations and launch new store concepts.

Tim’s also held senior leadership roles at prominent strategy and innovation consulting firms Innosight, Fahrenheit 212, Redscout, and M&C Saatchi. He has engineering degrees from Notre Dame and Michigan and an MBA from Washington. He’s earned two US patents for product innovations.

Tim lives with his wife and son in Austin, TX.