For Entrepreneurs

Our success hinges on creating a strong partnership with leading entrepreneurs and management teams to scale businesses and unlock underlying value.

We are hands-on investors who take the time to learn about the business and gain a full appreciation for how our businesses operate. Atlantic Street acts as a resource to our management teams where and when they need our help.



We seek to support our partners by helping them to craft and refine business strategy, implement strategic, operational and organizational improvements, provide capital to expand capacity and enhance technology and systems, and create processes to measure our success.


We pride ourselves on being more than just a source of capital; we dedicate our own team, provide strategic relationships, and encourage our partner’s to leverage our resources and experience to develop and execute a strategic plan that increases the company’s potential. We have our fourth committed fund with over $850 million in assets under management.


Our goal is to help affect change by working collaboratively to help define business strategy and key initiatives such as:

  • Implementing post-acquisition operational plan
  • Identifying and executing infrastructure investments
  • Establishing a steering committee and performance reporting process
  • Recruiting new hires to fill critical needs
  • Developing incentive compensation programs
  • Executing on an acquisition strategy
  • Investing as required to expand capacity and enhance technology and systems